Google News – Mobile Update

There has been a recent change to the way Google lists its results. Google has been crawling the web to see whether your website is mobile friendly or not. If you search the web with your cell phone, you may come across the “Mobile-friendly” message in the listing if your site is mobile friendly.


This new feature will entice mobile visitors to click on your listing.

Simply put, a mobile friendly website detects whether you are using a cell phone or a desktop computer and then displays the appropriate website. The mobile friendly website is smaller and fits in to your phone so in this way it is “friendly”.

From what I understand, Google is going to penalize websites that are not mobile friendly and thus “encourage” them to update their site. I believe this is a step in the right direction as the 57 percent of the websites are now being viewed by mobile devices. This percent will likely increase as new technology develops with products like the Apple Wrist Watch as an example.


Google is taking responsibility for the way we view the Internet and making it more “friendly” which I personally applaud.

Google is also changing the Internet with Google Fiber: which, I am hoping, will drop the price of Internet service by giving the Internet-providing monopolies some completion. Google Fiber is 100 times faster than cable and the big monopolies will have a hard time suppressing it.

Bruce Lewis


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Mini Me

popeThis poor little guy is going to hear about this photo for an awfully log time…





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Yahoo Account Hacked

Here is an email from a client who got his yahoo account hacked. My client likely had a poor password for his yahoo account so the hacker eventually discovered it. Once in the account, they use that client’s email addresses to them an alarming email. The purpose of this email is to have the friend wire the hacker 3 thousand dollars. 

The next day I got the same email from a different person I didn’t know.


    This message is coming to you with great depression due to my state of discomfort. I came down here to Dublin Ireland with my family for a short vacation but unfortunately, we were mugged and robbed at the park of the hotel where we stayed. All cash, credit cards and Mobile phones were stolen off us but we still have our lives and passports.

We’ve been to the embassy and the police here and they have done the best they can. Our flight leaves in less than 12hrs from now but we are having problems settling the hotel bills and the hotel manager won’t let us leave until we settle the bills which is (2,980USD). I am contacting you to ask for a short loan which I will refund immediately I get my family back home safely.

Let me know if you can help.


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PFPortChecker.exe has Malware

I was  setting up Remote Desktop at a clients yesterday and tested the ports with PFPortChecker.exe. After installing it, the Panda Anti-virus alerted us of suspicious Malware. I let the program run as I would expect a Port Scanner to be suspicious but the program added the Search Conduit Toolbar to the Chrome Browser.

This product is from which is a very useful site but, sadly, is connected to unethical advertisers. The worst part is the program said the ports where open, which is what I wanted, but they in fact weren’t!


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Blog from your Phone

This post was created from my cell phone. I downloaded the app and set up my logon data. That’s it.

Now I’ll add a picture from my phone…

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Google Tricks and Tips

Here’s some cool stuff you can do with Google

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A Cool Picture

Here is an interesting image. I would love to know how it was done.


Horizontal Focus, Color and Symmetry

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